Rittal’s RiMatrix NG open IT infrastructure platform


Digitalisation has long since reached every organisational level, from the top floor to the shop floor of food and beverage processing environments. In today’s smart, networked world, data is continuously being exchanged. Communication between people, machinery, robots and IT systems is generating a never-ending stream of data that needs to be controlled, monitored and processed by high-performance data centres.

As a result, the volumes of information to be processed are growing at a rapid pace and existing IT landscapes are being pushed to their capacity limits and having to be adapted faster than before.

That is why IT managers in the food and beverage markets need to act now and prepare their IT infrastructure for an unceasing growth in data, so their data centre can be made fit for the future.

The challenges for IT managers are set to become even more diverse. The introduction of IT systems into all the functional levels of a company and all areas of life means that greater IT performance is needed at very different locations. In the future, maximum flexibility for IT infrastructures, reliable solutions and rapid deployment will be at the top of the agenda for CIOs.

The RiMatrix NG open IT platform from Rittal meets all the conditions necessary for an IT infrastructure that can be made available fast and scaled flexibly.

The solution supports the custom creation of data centres based on preconfigured standard components for server rooms through to harsher environments such as warehouses and factory floors in processing facilities.

From IP55 racks and power backup, through to in-rack cooling technology and fire detection and suppression systems; your complete needs are covered by the RiMatrix NG platform.


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