Don’t fight new workplace threats with outdated technology


Technology and software continues to innovate and excite the world in multiple fields, and the world of workplace health and safety (WHS) is no different!

According to Australian publication Digital Pulse, despite Australian organisations getting better at injury prevention, they are not good at using the data sources available to them – let alone applying sophisticated data driven analytics that can work to reduce workplace risks proactively.

The theme with emerging WHS technologies is about moving from a reactive approach to the health and safety of employees, to a proactive one which ensures their safety before incidents occur.

Such an approach is critical in today’s WHS climate. The Australian Council of Trade Unions recently indicated its concern with workplaces not taking action on worker exposure to hazardous materials.

This concern, prompted by a rise in workers being diagnosed with silicosis, is indicative of the unseen hazards that can plague the workplace.

The Workplace Health & Safety Show (20-21 September 2022) at the Sydney Showgrounds will showcase the very best in WHS technology, innovating workplaces through proactive approaches and data analysis.

“This year’s line-up of presenters has a strong focus on innovating workplace health and safety through data driven technology,” International Exhibition & Conference Group CEO Marie Kinsella said.

“There are so many opportunities to learn what you can do to ensure your workplace is safeguarded against the unseen, and very real threats, that plague workplaces across all industries.”

Scott Coleman will present an illuminating discussion on how wearable technologies are revolutionising the way in which workplaces approach the prevention of injury and rehabilitation of staff in the workplace.

Watch and listen as Paul Hamilton explores using augmented reality (AR) to visualise spaces for safety training. Augmented Reality can play a significant part in enabling employees to visualise spaces with a completely new lens, highlighting dangers and possible risks whilst incorporating customised training strategies to reduce these risks within the physical space.

Speaker David Bick will discuss how and why the old, reactive process of assessing work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WSMD) is changing through the application of emerging digital technologies. Data driven technology is allowing for a more proactive and prevention focused way which allows non experts to produce quick, objective, accurate, cost effective and reliable results.

Join Zac Lowth as he details how workplaces can leverage worker functional analysis data to create a predictive, and proactive, model of injury prevention – allowing your workplace to work smarter. Lowth will also explore how the application of this model adds to customer value by eliminating the costs and burdens associated with workplace injury.

The Workplace Health & Safety Show Sydney will take place on Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 September 2022. Registration to attend the Workplace Health & Safety Show is free – register online here.


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