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Goulburn Valley rebrands: “Taste the Good Life”


Goulburn Valley, part of the SPC family, has unveiled a new look to better encapsulate the brand through a new campaign – “Taste the Good Life.” 

The new “Taste the Good Life” campaign delivers a complete rebrand, including a new logo, across the entire Goulburn Valley range. This marks the first major consumer-based campaign delivered by the SPC house of brands in three years. 

Available now for purchase, the new look for Goulburn Valley products features a new premium design and Goulburn Valley logo emphasising the high quality and convenience of the popular fruit-based products. 

An Australian icon, Goulburn Valley has been preserving the region’s fruit since 1979. 

“Goulburn Valley has a long and proud heritage, and we want to reinvigorate the brand by demonstrating how versatile the range is across all areas of cooking,” SPC marketing manager Fruit Rebecca Tilly said. 

“In ‘Taste the good life’, the campaign distils the true essence of the brand and brings it to life in a way that will surely attract attention and drive purchase consideration.” 

Launched on 12 May, the “Taste the Good Life” campaign homes in on part of SPC’s core value work for better food for the future. Goulburn Valley’s new look demonstrates the brand’s ongoing commitment to delivering high quality goods to consumers in Australia and globally. 

“Within the SPC family of brands, we are committed to always enhancing the great food experience for our customers,” SPC CEO Robert Giles said. 

“We are excited to announce the ‘Taste the Good Life’ campaign, dedicated to the richness of the Goulburn Valley and the careful packaging that delivers our produce to people around Australia and globally.” 

Product range and RRP: 

Multi-Serve Fruit 700g RRP: $4.60
Snack Packs 2 x 170g RRP: $4.50
Orchard Splash Sub-brand Snack Packs 2 x 160g RRP: $4.50 


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