It’s a Love match between Hans Oliving and the Hewitt’s

Hans Oliving has partnered with tennis legend Lleyton and his actress wife Bec Hewitt, to encourage families to make the switch to a healthier alternative than traditional deli meats.

Inspired by the so-called Mediterranean diet, the range of Hans Oliving deli meats are produced using Greek olive oil, which offers less saturated fat than comparable products, while also enhancing the product’s taste.
According to company spokesperson Mirabel Rosar, Hans Oliving’s products reflect Australia’s changing priorities and a shift towards healthier choices without sacrificing taste, a brand philosophy, which led the company to Lleyton and Bec.   
Rosar said: “The launch of Hans Oliving is a real milestone for our company and an exciting addition to our product range. We’re focusing on providing Aussies with a wide choice of premium products and healthier options, and we’re thrilled to have the Hewitts on board with us.”

According to Lleyton Hewitt, “Bec and I want to get the most out of the next phase of our lives, and adopting a Mediterranean lifestyle is going to be a key part of keeping us all healthy and happy. It’s not just a way of cooking, it’s about spending time with friends and family and keeping active.”
“I’m looking forward to having fun in the kitchen with Bec and the kids now I’m hanging up my racquet and making some delicious Mediterranean inspired meals with the Hans Oliving range.”
The Hans Oliving range includes Pizza Salami, Peperilli Salami, Hungarian Salami, Traditional Ham, Gypsy Ham, Naturally Smoked Ham, Rindless Pan Sized Bacon, Strassburg, Polish, Chorizo, Kransky, Cheese Kransky, Kabana and Twiggy Sticks.
Aussie consumers will be able to purchase these products thanks to a co-branding agreement between Hans Continental Smallgoods and Creta Farms, based on the Greek island of Crete. 

The family-owned company is the largest meat product producer in Greece and revolutionised the deli meats market with its olive oil produced range since 2001. Hans Oliving is produced in Australia with Creta Farms’ signature olive oil and premium quality lean meat.
The range is now available to purchase across Australia in selected Coles, Woolworths and IGA stores.

New ‘Vege Crisps’ unveiled

The Vege Chip Company has introduced a new range of Super Food Crisps to its Deli Crisp Range, aimed specifically at adults wanting a healthier, gourmet tasting snack.

With more than 1 in 100 Australians suffering from a gluten intolerance, the Vege Chip Company is delivering consumers an all-natural, gluten free chip alternative that are genuinely healthier and are free from nuts, egg, soy, petrochemicals, MSG, flavour enhancer and artificial colours preservatives. 

The new Super Food Crisp flavours include Vege Deli Chia Crisps: chia, galangal (ginger), red chilli and green shallot Vege Deli Turmeric & Cheese Crisps: turmeric powder and cheese Vege Deli Lentil Crisps: lentil and potato blend.

“The Vege Chip Company is more than just a snack business that creates healthy and innovative products, it’s also a way of life for the team. It’s about incorporating our passion for health and wellness into our work, and educating consumers about what they’re putting into their bodies and encouraging them to make the right choices for their families and for themselves with a balanced diet,” said Managing Director of the Vege Chip Company, Rob Crisfield.

New healthy chocolate created with fruit juice

A sugar alternative made from the fruit juice of a small melon has helped one Australian manufacturer create a unique new range of chocolate.

Created by Australian health food company Healthy Warrior under The Chocolate Counter brand, the new low sugar, high fibre chocolate line launched in Coles this week with a gluten free recipe that has no added dairy, soy, and all natural ingredients – including no artificial sweeteners but retains a comparable taste and consistency to normal chocolate.

GKC Foods sales and marketing consultant Graeme Hamilton says with around one in ten Australians showing a level of gluten or dairy intolerance, market demand for healthier snacks is increasing.

“Those with allergies or specific dietary preferences are looking for wellness products that have similar properties to normal confectionery.

“We also know that food intolerances often go together in individuals so that someone who reacts to lactose may also have issues with gluten,” he says
Hamilton says many existing low sugar products on the market are made with sugar alcohols, which can exacerbate gastric problems for these groups.

“Our brief from Healthy Warrior was to create a great tasting range of chocolate that was also a good source of fibre and protein and no added sugar. At the same time we looked to substitute new ingredients, which haven’t been seen in chocolate before. This included adding things like chicory root which has significantly increased the fibre levels and a new innovation called monk fruit juice has been used to provide a natural, low calorie alternative to sugar,” said Hamilton.

After six months in development, GKC Foods selected monk fruit juice concentrate as a key component of the sweetener system. In addition to having reduced sugar and carbohydrate the product is also able to be manufactured on the same line as traditional chocolate – offering a comparable texture and viscosity during the production process.

“The monk fruit juice was particularly important as an ingredient as it meant the consistency of the finished product could be produced on the same lines as other chocolate products,”

“Already the initial customer feedback on the finished product has been extremely encouraging for the brand.” Hamilton said.

Monk fruit juice is a natural fruit juice made from a small Chinese melon called monk fruit. A natural low-calorie alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners, it can be used to reduce the sugar and calories in common foods and beverages.

The product also has applications in beverages – with New Zealand based global food multinational Hansells one of the first to use it in developing a 98 per cent sugar free fruit drink.

Vitalvegetables delivering nutrients to Australian consumers

A new vitalvegetables range has been introduced in Australian retailers that aim to improve understanding of the healthy nutrients contained in the products.

Following more than ten years of research identifying the best varieties and combinations of vegetables, the products contain high levels of nutrients good for health.

A combination of vitamins A, C and K mean that an average product would be beneficial for a healthy immune system and for bone health.

According to Dr Carolyn Lister from Plant & Food Research, the developed products have been designed to retain a high concentration of key nutrients for consumer health.

“We recognise that consumers want to be healthy, and through the vitalvegetables research we’ve made it easier for them to manage their diets to ensure they’re eating the right nutrients for the health benefits that matter to them,” Dr Lister said.

Growers, packers, exporters and shipping companies have a common interest in providing the best possible quality produce to export markets.

Quality cannot be improved during handling and transport, but the rate at which it is lost can be reduced.

Each particular overseas market and/or customer has product specifications, for example, the size, colour and maturity of produce.

Thus produce should be grown with the intention of supplying a particular customer, and the harvesting, grading and packing should be carried out in accordance with those specifications.

The research team has worked with growers to determine the best way to grow and harvest the vegetables in order to optimise nutrients, developing processes that will assist in the maintenance of nutrients through the packaging and transportation of products to consumer purchasing.