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Beak & Sons unveils new look and slow cooked range


Beak & Sons has unveiled new, fresh and playful creative branding this month, showcasing a modern take on their master butcher positioning and a holistic approach to introducing their new slow cooked range. 

Made famous for its homestyle, tasty BBQ range of sausages, and burgers, the all-Australian-owned meat company has added four new slow-cooked variants to its product list. 

Since 1910, Beak & Sons has been creating unique flavours. They started with their original sausage range and slowly added to their BBQ offers over the last 30 years. 


“Growing our range further in the slow cooked category is the natural progression for us here at Beak & Sons,” Beak & Johnston senior brand manager John Stathis said. 

“Our chefs have been working hard for the past year to ensure that we can offer a slow cooked range on par with our popular sausages and burgers, and we couldn’t be happier with the results!” 

There are four tasty flavours in the new Beak & Sons slow cooked range: 

  • Tender & Smoked Juicy Beef Brisket (RRP$22.99) 
  • Spicy & Crispy Buffalo RSPCA Approved Chicken Wings (RRP$13.99) 
  • Tender & Rich Massaman Lamb Shanks (RRP$24.99) 
  • Tender & Rich Tandoori Lamb Shoulder (RRP$14.99) 


The Beak & Sons slow cooked range was made possible when Beak & Johnston acquired a new Armor Inox Thermix Sous Vide machine – the first and only one of its kind in the southern hemisphere. 

“Beak & Johnston continues to invest in the best available technology; this ensures we can efficiently deliver consistent quality across the Sous Vide cooking process as a game-changer,” Stathis said. 

The new slow cooked range will be rolled out nationally this month in their new-look creative packaging. 

“Our new package designs have been specifically tailored to convey the Beak & Sons branding position of fun and playful, focusing on fresh and tasty,” Stathis said. 

The new Beak & Sons creative helps consumers easily identify the range through enticing food photography, easy-to-read information and serving panels, and dedicated flavour colour pallets. 


The new creative will be introduced first with the launch of the slow cooked range. 

“We will first introduce our customers to our new branding with our slow cooked range roll out this month,” Stathis said.  

“These updates reflect our master butcher credentials as a brand built on three generations of butchery. Our vibrant colour palette and playful illustrations effectively distinguish the different flavour profiles in the range. This is accompanied by mouth-watering food photography and recipe ideas for the perfect slow-cooked meal occasion.” 

The new Beak & Sons slow cooked range will be available in selected IGA and Foodland stores nationwide. 


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