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Introducing new hemp-based ice creme, SuperSeed


Introducing SuperSeed, Australia’s first plant-based ice creme made from hemp seed milk. SuperSeed is now available at independent grocers and health food stores across Victoria.  

SuperSeed uses thick, creamy hemp seed milk to create a naturally delicious plant-based ice creme, free of dairy, gluten and nuts. This differs from 90 per cent of other plant-based ice cremes, which are made from a variety of nut milks containing nut allergens. 

SuperSeed is a game changer for people juggling multiple food allergies and vegan preferences, both at home and in social circles. Its creator, Food & Beverage product innovator Susie White, wanted to create a treat that more of her family and friends could enjoy.  

“Our family had a group of friends over and I was reaching into the freezer after dinner for some ice cream, before realising that I needed about four different products to juggle a lactose intolerance, a nut allergy and a vegan preference, in addition to my own gluten-free needs as a coeliac,” White said. 

During the COVID-related lockdowns in 2021, White bootstrapped her way to build and fit out a dedicated allergen-free kitchen in Victoria’s Yarra Ranges, complete with commercial gelato-making equipment. Over 12 months of trial, inspiration and error, she trained to become a gelatiere chef and worked alongside a food technician to perfect the creamy, vegan and allergen-friendly recipe that became SuperSeed ice creme. 

“A lot of people are worried about plant-based ice cremes being icy, hard, or having a coconut aftertaste,” White said. “So, to see their faces transform from wariness to delight is just a joy. I’ve had people insist SuperSeed must contain dairy milk because it’s so soft, creamy and tastes amazing.” 

With its superfood credentials, hemp seeds are no stranger to healthy food and beverage products like protein bars, energy balls, crackers and spreads. However, SuperSeed ice creme isn’t trying to be a health food – it’s all about the indulgent taste and texture. 

“I choose hemp seed milk because it makes such a thick and creamy base that’s perfect for a plant-based ice creme,” White said. “I’ve found that most vegans, vegetarians and people with allergies are looking for more appealing variety, range and flavours in the foods they eat, rather than more restricted dietary options, so I made a naturally indulgent and delicious treat that more people could enjoy.” 

The use of hemp seed as an ingredient also enables the business to be more sustainable. 

“Hemp is truly a wonder crop,” White said. “It absorbs 22 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare, which is more than any other crop grown on land, requiring limited water and no fertilisers or pesticides.” 

Due to its diversity and eco-benefits, it’s no surprise that hemp is becoming more widely used in the production of textiles, biodegradable plastics, skincare, medicines, paper, paint and biofuel.  

In addition to being a plant-based business, SuperSeed ice creme uses biodegradable packaging and supports the regeneration of Australian rainforest with every purchase made. 

“To date, we’ve helped save 834ha of Australian rainforest and we’re just getting started,” White said. 

SuperSeed is a female owned and operated family business, based in the Yarra Ranges of Victoria.  

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