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Fodbods releases low FODMAP, allergy-free range of Nibbles


Australian business, Fodbods, is continuing its quest to expand its product line by launching a new gut-friendly and allergy-free snack product – Fodbods Nibbles. 

Fodbods Nibbles come in 150g pouches (with five 30g serves) and three flavours – Dark Chocolate, Ginger Spice and Rosemary Sea Salt. Made from sunflower seeds and other plant-based ingredients such as chia seeds and buckwheat flour, they’re also free from all common allergens and are certified FODMAP friendly. 

Fodbods creator and founder, Vanessa Hutchinson, said the idea behind Nibbles was to create an incredibly versatile and nutritious snack that can be eaten by everyone at many different occasions. 

“You can nibble on them if you simply want something to tide you over between meals. High in healthy fats and fibre, just a small amount will keep you feeling fuller for longer as well as aiding digestion,” Hutchinson said. 

“They’re also perfect if you’re hosting guests, because they cater to all dietary requirements and they’re a great addition to kids’ lunch boxes. Or else, you can use them use them for different recipes such as grinding the Rosemary and Sea Salt Nibbles into a crust as a topping for poultry or fish, crumbling the chocolate nibbles over your morning yoghurt or ice-cream, or making a delicious slice out of the ground Ginger Spice Nibbles.” 

FodbodsCurrently around one in five Australians suffer the unpleasant effects of irritable bowel syndrome at any time. Another one in 20 people suffer from food allergies with common triggers being eggs, cow’s milk, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame and wheat. 

“Finding a ready-to-eat snack that doesn’t cause gut irritation or allergic reactions can be challenging,” Hutchinson said. “Many ‘healthy’ ready-to-go snacks have nuts or dairy, so they’re not suitable and can be dangerous. All in all, we’ve worked hard to create something unique with just the right combination of ingredients to suit every kind of food sensitivity.” 

Fodbods already has a successful line of protein bars which are the only certified FODMAP-friendly bars in Australia. Flavours include Peanut Choc Chunk, Choc Mint, Lemon Coconut, Raspberry Coconut and Banana Peanut Butter. The bars were devised by Hutchinson, as she is an IBS sufferer who was frustrated at the lack of gut-friendly snack options on the market. 

Since launching at the end of 2019, Fodbods has grown substantially. The bars are now sold in over 300 locations around Australia and New Zealand and have thousands of loyal customers. The brand has also just launched their online UK store 

Fodbods Nibbles retail at $7.95 per 150g bag and are available from health food stores and online at 


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