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Proof Drinks Australia adds three new rums to portfolio

Proof Drinks

In the last year, Proof Drinks Australia has seen a growing interest in rum that stands out against other popular spirits, making way for three new additions to their portfolio. 

According to Proof Drinks managing director, Drew Doty, it was good to see consumer interest in rum increase. 

“We’ve certainly come a long way since the standard rum and coke was the choice of drink for consumers in this arena. Now, we’re seeing premiumisation of rum across the board, with exotic variants constantly being created,” Doty said. 

“There’s so much heritage and authenticity to rum, which is a main value that consumers look for these days. The concept of years of rich culture and tradition bottled up to create a premium drink, makes the tasting experience so much more fun and adventurous for those who like rum, or are seeking something new.” 

As a result of this growth, Proof Drinks Australia will be launching three new premium rums in the Australian market. CUT RUM, Cihuatán Rum and Aluna Coconut Rum are new offerings that have either just landed or will be on Australian shelves in the coming months. 

Cihuatán Rum, which arrived on our shores recently, offers consumers a colourful tasting experience, using ancient Mayan heritage to craft a rum that embodies centuries of tradition and culture. Inspired by the Mayan gods, Cihuatán Rum has a portfolio of small-batch products with a premium tasting palette. 

Similar exotic rum brand, Aluna Coconut, will be hitting the Australian market in April and give consumers the taste of authentic coconut rum with a fraction of the sugar content, compared to similar rums on the market. Using a blend of rums from Guatemala and the Caribbean, Aluna Coconut transports consumers to the Americas through its authentic, fresh taste and smooth finish. 

“There is a demand within the category to branch out of traditional rum locations and instead opt for aged, flavoured and healthier options, especially as more flavours are made available from South America and the Pacific,” Doty said. 

For consumers looking for the rich taste of spiced rum with an added aroma, CUT RUM – launching in Australia this month – uses vanilla and peppercorns from Madagascar alongside coriander seed, cinnamon and aniseed from South India, and nutmeg from the West Indies. 

Proof Drinks Australia is invested in providing Australian consumers with the ultimate portfolio of rum brands that cater to any interest and taste. Homing in on brands that are disrupting the category, the brand house is looking for products that offers consumers a unique tasting experience that changes the consumer perception of traditional rum. 

“Proof Drinks Australia is dedicated to ensuring a balanced rum portfolio for Australian consumers and aspires to continue to bring premium options to market,” Doty said. 

Aluna Coconut Rum, CUT RUM and Cihuatán Rum can all be purchased from Dan Murphy’s Marketplace, and as of March 2022, will be sold in various independent retailers and bars across the country. 

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