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Woodstock Wine matches with Haigh’s Chocolates

Woodstock Wine

Woodstock Wine Estate has partnered with Haigh’s Chocolates to launch Sticky Fingers at Woodstock – a new matched fortified wine and chocolate tasting experience for those wishing to satisfy their sweet tooth at the McLaren Vale winery. 

The iconic South Australian family-owned businesses have collaborated to create the new sweet treat, launching as part of South Australia’s Great State Voucher campaign. It marries four special fortified wines from Woodstock Wine’s family cellar with four specially selected Haigh’s chocolates. 

“Woodstock has a proud tradition of after-dinner wines which spans over 70 years, which all began with my grandfather, Doug Collett,” Woodstock Wine third generation winemaker Peter Collett said. 

“Three generations on and we’re still making, blending and caretaking these delicious fortified wines – some of which are over 50 years old. They tell a historic tale. Before table wine, Australian winemakers were dedicated to the production of world-class fortifieds. We want to bring back the celebration of this craft and share some of our cellar treasures.” 

Doug Collett believed in maturing the fortified wines in old whiskey and bourbon barrels, which allowed the wine to age naturally without integrating any oak flavour. 

“Using old oak barrels lets the wine breathe and slowly oxidise, causing evaporation and concentration to occur,” Collett said. “This develops the young fruity flavours such as raisins and sultanas into sticky caramel-like secondary flavours, creating an exceptional length and richness in our wines – something we strive for in our fortified production.” 

Haigh’s Chocolates were the ideal partner to help Woodstock Wine’s customers rediscover fortified wine and elevate the experience. 

“Their quality and variety is exceptional, augmenting the tasting experience and even highlighting complex sensory components in the fortified wines,” Collett said. 

“We’re really excited about what we’ve been able create together with the team from Haigh’s and can’t wait to welcome people to our corner of McLaren Vale for a finger-licking taste of South Australia.” 

Available at Woodstock Wine’s Cellar Door from 11 March, tickets are redeemable through the Great State Voucher Round Eight, with a standard $100 voucher covering a Sticky Fingers at Woodstock session for two people. 

Those who missed out on a Great State Voucher are still able to book in via woodstockwine.com.au or (08) 8383 0156. Tickets are $50 per person and include a bottle of your favourite fortified to take home after the experience. 

“The experience is all about having fun and learning something along the way,” Collett said. “Every guest gets to pick their favourite fortified from the line up to take home, so they can continue to enjoy well beyond their visit. Long live the fortifieds!” 


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