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Mountain Distilling reveals whiskey that won gold at IWSC

MOUNTAIN Distilling

The Victorian whiskey that recently won a prestigious International gold medal has been revealed as a non-barrel aged whiskey produced in just 15 days.

Mountain Distilling’s Red Gum Single Malt Whiskey was awarded 95 points in IWSC’s Worldwide Whiskey category, ranking higher than efforts from Australian whiskey brands including Starward, Lark Distillery and Archie Rose Distilling Co.

“We wanted our Single Malt to be blind tasted and fairly represented amongst it’s whiskey peers for its quality and flavour, so rather than revealing its production method, we let the spirit speak for itself first,” said Michael Harris, co-founder of Mountain Distilling.

“The process we use mimics barrel ageing where temperature and atmospheric changes impact the molecular journey of the spirit – however we undertake a more active and controlled system to achieve the flavour and structure of an aged spirit much faster,” said Harris.

The Mountain team worked with Monash University’s associate professor Chris Thompson and Monash student William Chant, to verify this process and help further develop this proprietary thermal-based technology.

With information gleaned by one of Monash’s Mass Spectrometers, the Mountain Single Malt was tested against profiles of available whiskey’s aged three, 10 and 16 years. In some cases, key flavour components from the analysis indicating an age over 18 years were detected.

“The most exciting aspect of this project is not just the time altering technology, it’s our ability to experiment with new wood flavour profiles that have been too risky or impractical to trial in the past,” said Harris.

“With traditional methods, ageing in alternative woods takes significant investment of money and time for a product that may not work.

“With non-barrel ageing we can freely experiment with new Single Malt styles that include the use of Australian native woods.”

After news of Mountain’s Gold IWSC Award, the company’s allocation of pre-sales for the Red Gum Single Malt Whiskey was sold out in a few weeks, but the distillery has released its second round of pre-orders, currently on sale for December/January delivery: https://www.mountaindistilling.com/shop/single-malt

Mountain Distilling is also sponsoring the highly anticipated Higher Order Event, located in Southbank, Melbourne. The newly released Mountain Vodka is being served upon entry, with the Red Gum Single Malt  available to taste for the very first time at the exhibition.


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