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Australia’s first certified organic aperitivo has arrived

Three Foxes Distillery in Melbourne has announced the launch of Sunny Arvo, Australia’s first certified organic aperitivo.

Sunny Arvo is the latest offering from the Heidelberg based distillery, bursting with a blend of citrus, decorated with rosella, lemon myrtle, and a bouquet of aromatic spices.

Perfect for a sunny arvo, on the rocks or in a spritz, the bittersweet low alcohol aperitivo (16 per cent Alc.Vol) is designed to open the appetite and propel the palate.

“With Sunny Arvo we wanted to provide an Aussie alternative to international liqueurs and aperitifs. For us, it was always about curating an experience which brought Australians together socially, sharing a good laugh over palate-forward drinks and tasty sharing plates.” said Three Foxes head distiller and co-founder Sarkis Karakis.

To create Sunny Arvo the Three Foxes team used their own organic alcohol, infused with rosella, safflower, and a variety of berries. Then blended with orange brandy distillate, hibiscus, blood orange, and gentian spirit finished with cinnamon and zesty citrus bitter to deliver a perfectly balanced flavour profile.

For Sunny Arvo, the team turned to organic oranges for a more environmentally conscious focus. Using every single piece; pith, pulp and peel within the process to create the organic base spirit earning the distillery ACO organic certification (ACO cert. no. 13286).

“We’ve always made our drinks from actual fruits and botanicals, sourced from farms, not factories. All our flavours are made in-house by a combination of steeping, distilling, and blending, so it was an easy pivot for us. Getting the certification just makes it official so we don’t have to hide around words like natural etc,” said Karakis.

Three Foxes are also planning to release a non-alcoholic expression Sunny Arvo Organic Noperitivo early in the new year.


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